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The team at Florida Children’s Institute is committed to service. We intend to fill a gap by serving individuals in need of early intensive behavior intervention as well as severe problem behavior. And we aspire to reach beyond intellectually and developmentally disabled populations to assist individuals in foster care, hospitals, or those who are as-yet undiagnosed or diagnosed with other behavior disorders. In addition to these populations and locations, we have been retained by group home managers, school districts, and other behavioral clinics to implement or oversee system-wide programming. At Florida Children’s Institute, we are committed to serving all those in need across all areas of our community.


At Florida Children’s Institute, fidelity to the highest good is at the center of our relationships with clients, employees and other professionals, as well as in our research. To benefit clients and stakeholders, we faithfully commit to providing high-quality services and ensuring continuity of care. To benefit employees, we promise to invest in their education and professional development. To benefit research in behavioral analysis, we pledge to adhere strictly to rules regarding patient privacy and the protection of human subjects, and to follow best practices in our field.

Florida Children's Institute, FCI, Jacksonville, FL
Florida Children's Institute, FCI, Jacksonville, FL


At Florida Children’s Institute, integrity is the foundation of our work. We seek to embody the highest standards of personal and professional conduct and demand strict adherence to the ethical standards outlined by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board. Additionally, as a term of employment, we require continuing education credits in professional ethics and actively promote discussions of ethical questions in unique situations. We recognize that consultation with other professionals is often required in order to maintain high ethical standards. For that reason, our standing research board includes bioethicist David Cox, Ph.D.