Teacher Professional Development

Teacher Professional Development

FCI is proud to offer supplemental Teacher Training on Behavioral and Emotional Management. teacher professional development training for behavioral challengesThis course takes our team’s multi-disciplinary expertise and condenses it into a short course (can also be combined for a full year-long program) that strengthens teachers’ understanding of how to work with the emotions of their students to meet educational goals.

In this course, we cover when and how the learning brain works, when to implement brain breaks in your classroom, how to enforce desired behavior, how to recognize and shift the emotions in your classroom, and so much more!

With these tools at their disposal, teachers will be more effective in helping children learn and reduce the stress of managing 15 (or more) different brains at once!

In addition to online, individual course offerings, we offer group instruction for schools. To discuss our group program offerings, please schedule your 30-minute information session with Dr. Cat Baker using her Calendly link here.