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FCI’s mission is to help our clients reach their full potential by providing effective, compassionate care based on best practices in behavioral science and to develop and publish research that advances our field and improves care for future generations.

To help our clients and website guests, we’ve compiled a few free resources below.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy Worksheet – Want to learn more about how CBT supports parents? This worksheet will walk you through the cycles of CBT and how making small shifts can have a larger positive effect on your parenting.

Love Languages Guide – Ready to understand your child’s Love Language? You’ll learn how best to bond with your child and actions to avoid based on what makes them feel most loved and understood.

Mindful Pauses Guide – Want to incorporate mindfulness into your parenting? You’ll learn six strategies to prompt you to add mindful breaks to your life, leading directly to increased effectiveness as a parent.

Calming Techniques Guide – Ready to help your child stay calm? You’ll learn six strategies for teaching your child how to manage their strong emotions and calm down with ease.

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