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Course: Positive Parenting 101

Parenting isn’t easy, by any means and for a lot of reasons. You want to prepare your child as best you can for success as an adult. You also want them to enjoy these years. So, how can you raise your child for optimal success as an adult? And, how can you best support them as they wade through the challenging waters of childhood? A coaching approach based in positive parenting practices offers a lot of benefits. We’ll learn a lot more about how to wield these tools effectively during this course.

Included in the course:

  • 3 full months of learning and support
  • The first 5 Sections covering various strategies
  • The last 3 Sections covering ongoing Q&A and refreshers
  • Tools that you can implement immediately
  • Weekly challenges to help you implement your new skills
  • Printable resources that you can refer back to any time
  • Premium includes all of the above plus lifetime access to our closed Facebook community for support, questions, and resources
  • VIP includes all of the above plus 4 30-minute consult calls with Dr. Cat Simms to help you address your family’s specific needs

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