Overcoming and Redefining Disability

Overcoming and Redefining Disability

By Dr. Cat Baker, PhD, BCBA-D

Why did I create Florida Children’s Institute and Positive Parenting Institute? To give children who learn differently a place that understands them and to help children reach their potential despite the challenges they face. But why are those such important issues for me? Let me let you in on my secret. 

I don’t share the driving forces behind my passion for this work publicly very much, but I need to change that for the kids out there that are like I was. I overcame Dyslexia, ADHD, and Anxiety to earn 4 degrees and start a business where I get to help people every day. When I had some teachers tell me in high school that I would not be successful, I decided I could prove them wrong. (Thank goodness I had some that did believe in me!!) Was it easy to overcome my learning issues and earn these degrees? NO. Did I have to do things differently than other people around me? YES. I still have to use coping strategies to manage these things in my life, but the point is…it is DOABLE!! 

In today’s very public online world, people are “trolled” for being different, especially if their differences have to do with mental health. Given that fact, and my passion for helping children, I think it is high time that people like myself be transparent and very open about our struggles, failures, and subsequent successes. If we aren’t open, how will the children with whom we work learn that they can overcome obstacles to reach their potential?

I needed a little kick in the pants from my friend Kelly Youngs at She Is Fierce! and branding specialist Hope Brookins to realize that I am not doing the best I can to help my sweet, amazing, talented clients, both current and future unless I am as open and transparent as possible. Stay tuned for more on my story in the coming weeks and months. I hope it helps you or someone you know! 

As always, reach out to me if you need support. It’s truly my life’s calling to help children achieve their highest potential!

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