Mission & Vision

Florida Children's Institute, FCI, Jacksonville, FL

Our Mission 

FCI’s mission is to help our clients reach their full potential by providing effective, compassionate care based on best practices in behavioral science, and to develop and publish research that advances our field and improves care for future generations.

Our Vision

  • We are dedicated to supporting our clients in gaining skills that increase their functionality, independence, and quality of life. We strive for your child and your family to feel empowered, educated, and supported through the process of assessment and treatment.
  • We empower our team members to continue to grow their expertise by cultivating a collaborative environment that fosters excellent care, research, and provides a high degree of professional satisfaction.
  • We strive for Florida Children’s Institute to become the practice of choice for mental health providers in North Florida. We want our research to enable others to emulate our success and more effectively treat the next generation of children.